Yoga: The Panacea for Pain

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Published on June 11, 2015

Fervent practitioners of yoga often say that it is much more than an activity or exercise regime; it is  a lifestyle which embraces physical, mental and spiritual wellness and balance. Although yoga has been a revered practice for thousands of years in the Eastern world, it has only recently caught on in the West. This is mostly owing to numerous scientific studies which have revealed the numerous benefits it bestows.

On the one hand, yoga is a cortisol (stress hormone) buster. Therefore, it is recommended by doctors, therapists and rehabilitation specialists alike, to help those suffering from stress-related conditions such as anxiety, as well as to improve outcomes for those undergoing debilitating treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Yoga is also universally hailed for its ability to curb neck and back pain; studies have shown that yoga is particularly useful for soothing lower back pain, and it enables us to rid the body of the tension that leads to neck pain and related headaches and migraines.

If you have been intrigued by yoga but you are scared that you lack the fitness or flexibility required to undertake a class, be assured that it can truly be for everyone. Classes can be catered to every level (beginners and advanced yogis alike) so it never is too late to embrace the pain relieving effects of yoga. Find out how yoga can help you lead a happier and more pain-free life in the following article.

Yoga can help relieve stress, back and neck pain

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