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Published on December 9, 2012

Shopping for the holidays can be bring great joy, but let’s face it: it’s also pretty stressful. And stress can bring on back pain or exacerbate an existing condition.

Back and Neck Care Centre and ObusForme products think you deserve relief from the stress, and a break from the pain, which is why they’re offering The Gift of Comfort Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes, which is open to Canadian residents over the age of 18, is a chance to win some of ObusForme’s best-selling stress and pain relief products. The prize is valued at $430.

The Gift of Comfort SweepstakesSome of the products included in the prize are a backrest that you can use in your car, at work, at home or anywhere! A professional body massager that’s like having your own private masseuse. A neck and shoulder wrap that can provide hot or cold comfort. Plus more!

ObusForme understands back pain. The company was created when its founder injured his back, and needed something for back support. There was nothing suitable, so he created a lightweight back rest to support the back and spine. And now you reap the benefits! Enter The Gift of Comfort Sweepstakes today for your chance to win these wonderful products. Give yourself a gift this holiday. The Gift of Comfort.

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  1. Thanks for this article. I am thinking about visiting a Chiropractor for my back pain, and this article has helped me make my decision.

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