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Published on March 18, 2013

The Back and Neck Care Centre brings you the Quadruped Cat Camel exercise on behalf of FPR (Feeling Pretty Remarkable). Designed to provide flexibility to the back and spine, this lumbar exercise is a gentle way to reduce back pain.

The Quadruped Cat-Camel is a great exercise for an active start to the day, a warm-up before a work out, and to help alleviate low back pain. The Cat-Camel helps to reduce inflammation and bring much-needed hydration and nutrients to the disc materials of the spine. This exercise is also great for mobility of the spine and activation of key spinal stabilizing muscles.

2 thoughts on “Back Exercise – Quadruped Cat and Camel

  1. in cat stretch the inhalation and exhalation should be reverse than what is suggested. thanks

    • The breathing pattern is correct for this cat and camel exercise which is a part of other limbering up movements. Breathing in while going into the cat position helps to open up the rib cage and elongate the back muscles and then breathing out allows the stomach to become more flexible allowing for greater range into the camel position.

      Dr. Kevin Jardine,
      President and CEO

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