Tips on How to Sit Properly in the Car

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By Dr. Sender Deutsch
Published on September 27, 2012

Driving posture

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Many patients often ask on how to best sit in their car to prevent neck and back pain. Follow these strategies to have a comfortable ride:

  1. Have your seat slightly reclined to prevent sitting straight up which will increase the compression to your low back.
  2. Make sure your seat fills the gap in the curvature of your low back. If it doesn’t you should invest in an ObusForme Lowback Backrest support to assist with ensuring you maintain the natural curves of your spine.
  3. Sit so that your shoulders and arms are in a relaxed position on the steering wheel. Instead of holding at the ten and two o’clock positions, position your hands around the nine and three o’clock positions.
  4. Your head should rest comfortably on the neck support of your seat, and the top of the back rest should be slightly above the top of your head with your head directly in middle of the support. This will help to prevent whiplash if you are rear-ended. Avoid having your head and neck forward and not supported.
  5. Adjust your steering wheel so that your shoulders and arms are below ninety degrees.
  6. Position your seat so that there are no pressure points on your glutes or thighs. Using a gel seat can help to alleviate any pressure points that you may experience.
  7. Make sure that you can see all mirrors properly without having to twist or turn your neck excessively.
  8. Sit erect and do not slouch as this will put excessive strain on your tissues.
  9. Always make sure there is adequate room to get in and out of the car without having to put your body in awkward positions. You should be able to swing your legs in and out comfortable.
  10. Get into the car by sitting in the seat first and then swinging your legs in and do the opposite to get out.
  11. Always extend back and do a few lunges after long drives. Reach up for the sky after sitting in traffic for extended periods of time to reset your spine.