Treating Shoulder Pain With The Muscle Release Technique

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By Dr. Anthony Lombardi
Published on November 5, 2013

The above video is here to allow you to take a glimpse and see how simple treatments can be for even the most chronic conditions. In this segment I was featured on the television show Hamilton Life and I had an opportunity to explain how acupuncture and muscle release work for a patient with shoulder pain. Before the treatment I used my pre-treatment EXSTORE Assessment System to decide how and where to treat. In addition to the video here is the case study of the video treatment below:

First of all, in any situation, your therapists should not be treating the area of pain first – if you are doing that you are limiting your clinical success to begin with. In a case like this I look to find what muscles aren’t working by using EXSTORE and then I assess the nature of the tissue to find where all the muscle knots and tight bands reside. In this patient I simply used one needle to release the knot between the shoulder and chest muscles (pectoralis major and deltoid) and then I continued to release the tight bands by using what is called Advanced Muscle Release. The combination of acupuncture and muscle release help restore the function in the shoulder which reduces pain, improves mobility, and in this case the patient returned to playing baseball.

Post -Treatment: The Acupuncture Was Effective

The patient came in for a follow up 4 days later and he has been pain free since the treatment and I actually ran into him at the gas station afew days after that and it was 8 days post treatment and he was doing fantastic. Enjoy the video!

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