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Shoulder Pain Treatment

Short-Term Shoulder Pain Treatment Options

Short-Term shoulder pain treatments include exercises that you can do on your own and products that will help shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain relief.

Eliminate shoulder pain with these tips.

  • Strengthening and rehabilitation is important for individuals who wish to relieve shoulder pain. Weighted products like toning balls can help improve strength and motion. Whether you are just starting to rehabilitate or are close to recovery it is important to continue using weighted products.
    Doctor Recommended Products: 1 lb or 3 lb Toning Balls
  • Travel Pillows will not only provide neck support but also treat shoulder pain by reducing neck joint stress.
    Doctor Recommended Products: Memory Foam Travel Pillow or an Inflatable Travel Pillow
  • Flex Bands offer varying intensities allowing you to customize your needs. They are a great tool to aid in strengthening and stretch the shoulder joint.
    Doctor Recommended Products: Flex Bands
  • Compresses and wraps are a great way to help shoulder pain. If the injury has just occurred we recommend using ice or heat for 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off. Ice is recommended for injuries that become inflamed or swollen. Heat treatments are used for chronic conditions to help relax the area.
    Doctor Recommended Products: Neck and Shoulder Wrap or Hot/Cold Compress

Try These Shoulder Pain Exercises:

Long-Term Shoulder Pain Relief Strategies

Long-Term shoulder pain treatments include helping pain sufferers manage their pain by providing the appropriate tools for ongoing rehabilitation. It is important to see a professional to be sure you choose an appropriate shoulder pain treatment. We are in the process of building a referral database; in the meantime the Canadian Chiropractic Association can help.