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Causes of Shoulder Pain


Causes Of Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is very complex as it is a very mobile joint in our body. It is particularly important to take care of shoulders as this joint affects neck functioning. Shoulder pain has a wide range of symptoms from slight pain to restricted movements. It can cause achiness and muscle spasms.

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Causes of shoulder pain can include improper sitting, sleeping or movements.

Causes of Shoulder Pain From Improper Sitting

  • Rounded shoulders and sitting without a tight core
  • Poor ergonomic set up of desk and work station
  • Not enough micro breaks reversing forward posture and correcting poor posture

Shoulder Pain Causes From Awkward Sleep Positions

  • Sleeping directly on your shoulder and arm in an awkward position without neck support and a poor mattress
  • Sleeping with arms under pillow
  • Sleeping on stomach with arms and shoulders pinched forward

Shoulder Pain Caused By Improper Movements

  • Too much focus and time spent on doing chest exercises
  • Not enough attention paid to the back of the shoulders and back to prevent shoulder hiking and rounded shoulders
  • Lack of stability and focus on chin-ups and pull-ups that strengthen the shoulders

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