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By Dr. Sender Deutsch
Published on May 23, 2013
low back pain in children.

Follow these tips on childhood back pain prevention!

To prevent an onset of low back pain from occurring during childhood, parents and adults need to encourage regular exercise, proper posture and proper sleeping habits. By preventing low back pain throughout childhood, it may reduce your risk from developing low back pain later on in life as well as help stop recurring pain from manifesting.

Follow the below suggested recommendations to help your children avoid low back pain:

1. Regular Exercise: The Best Way To Prevent Back Pain In Kids

  • Encourage regular physical activity. Between 30 to 60 minutes a day, this will help keep joints and muscles engaged and healthy – motion is lotion!
  • Involvement in gymnastics, dance and yoga are excellent tools to teach children proper posture, alignment, flexibility and balance. Many kids have poor stability as result of lack of involvement in these activities that enforce proper use of body weight training
  • Maintain a healthy body weight according to your pediatrician to stay healthy and reduce excessive pressure to growing joints

2. Make Sure Your Child’s Backpack Is Ergonomically Sound

  • Lighten the load! Pack bags for children to ensure they carry only 10-15% of their body weight
  • Buy a backpack which is ergonomically designed to fit your child. Ensure you use all the straps to evenly distribute the weight
  • Wear the backpack properly, both shoulder straps are used to allow for even distribution and pack the heaviest books and computer at the back closest to the spine
  • Watch this video on Proper Backpack Set-Up !

3. Improper Posture Is A Common Cause Of Back Pain In Children

  • Emphasize proper posture and maintaining proper spinal alignment to prevent reliance on their muscular system
  • Educate children to take frequent breaks from their computer, iPads, gaming devices, etc.
  • Do not study and/or use a laptop in bed. This can cause aches and pains from poor ergonomic set up.

4. Proper Sleep and Hydration Will Help Maintain Your Child’s Spinal Health

  • Proper sleep hygiene is crucial to healthy growing children as it allows tissues to grow and regenerate
  • Drink water to hydrate body. Our connective tissue and spinal discs primarily consists of water and require it to absorb the shocks, bumps and falls we have as kids
  • Dehydration and lack of sleep can cause fatigue, weakness, lack of concentration, weight gain, and other side effects.

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