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Causes of Neck Pain


What Causes Neck Pain?

Injuries to soft tissues are the most common cause of Neck pain. These injuries may originate from whiplash, trauma and/or injury to the cervical spine. Symptoms can start spontaneously and may include but not limited to stiffness, tightness, weakness, numbness, strain, and tingling down the arm or mid-back.

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Specific Neck Pain Causes Include:

Causes of Neck Stiffness

Neck Ache Causes From Improper Sitting

  • Too much time at the computer and or looking down at your computer, mobile device, or other electronics (ipad, PS3 etc). This is among the more modern causes of neck pain and stiffness.
  • Not resting your head against a supportive chair.
  • Looking down too often without taking micro breaks.

Causes of Neck Ache From Improper Sleep Positions

  • Not using a pillow with proper support for your cervical spine is a fairly common cause of neck ache.
  • If pillow is over 2 years old, it will lose its shape and not  protect your neck.
  • Sleeping on your pillow with neck extended  and rotated beyond normal limits. This hyperextension will cause discomfort.
  • These pillows have been expertly designed for the purpose of preventing neck & back pain.

Causes of Neck Pain Resulting From Movements

  • Not enough exercise to strengthen the muscles that support your neck and mid-back
  • Poor posture will strain the muscles in neck causing tension
  • Improper postural alignment while exercising
  • Not enough time spent developing neck muscles

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