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Low Back Exercises

Low Back Pain ExercisesLower Back Pain Stretches

If you suffer from pain in your lower back, try these exercises (which have also been proven to help relieve neck pain). Since lower back pain is often the result of poor posture and weak or slack muscles, these resistive strengthening exercises work to rehabilitate and strengthen abdominal muscles, as well as to increase flexibility in the spine. As a result, they comprise a critical component in the treatment and prevention of back problems. Furthermore, even individuals who suffer from chronic lower back pain have shown progress from performing these exercises.

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The purpose and process of resistance strength training is to build muscle and increase muscular endurance by overloading a person’s muscles. Fortunately, some of the best resistance-strengthening exercises which help back pain can be done in the comfort of your own home and require little or no equipment. They are also effective in losing weight and controlling high blood pressure and diseases such as diabetes.

For each of the following low back exercises, maintain a neutral spine without excessively rotating or twisting the hips. Resting one minute between sets and performing one repetition every four seconds, perform five sets once a day:

  • Hooklying Alternating Front Raises

  • Supine Marching Arm Salute

  • Bird Dog (Lumbar alternating leg/arm)

  • Single Leg Alternating Bridge

  • Bridge and March

  • Side Bend Pushups

If you have a history of a herniated disk or other disk problems, consult with a health care professional before doing these exercises.

Similarly, if you suffer from low back problems, avoid any exercises which cause you pain or which strain the lower back, such as backwards arches, legs raised straight and together, hip twists, straight-legged toe touches, and sit-ups performed with straight legs.

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