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Hip Pain Treatment

Short-Term Hip Pain Treatment

Short-Term hip pain treatments include exercises that you can do on your own and products that will help ease hip pain.

Follow these tips for hip pain relief.

Follow these tips for hip pain relief.

  • Hip pain can be caused from low back pain. It is important to have lumbar support which will help with hip pain as well.
    Doctor Recommended Products: Supporting Roll and Supporting Roll with Massage.
  • Specialty pillows are a great tool to use for hip pain relief as it helps align your body. A leg-spacer is especially useful in making sure your legs do not cross over causing hip discomfort. A 4-position pillow can help with hip pain by placing the pillow under your knees.
    Doctor Recommendation Products: Leg-Spacer or 4-Position Pillow
  • Balance balls are a great tool to use to help reinforce proper posture. Instead of sitting on a chair at work try switching to a balance ball to strength muscles. A posture balance cushion is an alternative to a balance ball. By sitting on a posture balance cushion it will cause stabilizing of core muscles and strengthening.
    Doctor Recommended Products: Balance Ballor Posture Balance Cushion

Try These Hip Pain Exercises:

Long-Term Hip Pain Relief Strategies

Long-Term hip pain treatments include helping pain sufferers manage their pain by providing the appropriate tools for ongoing rehabilitation. It is important to see a professional to be sure you choose an appropriate hip pain treatment. We are in the process of building a referral database; in the meantime the Canadian Chiropractic Association can help.

  • Lumbar support will help treat hip pain because it can be caused from low back pain. It is helpful if this type of product is portable allowing you to bring it on the go, whether it be in the car, home, or at home.
    Doctor Recommended Products: Side to Side with Massage
  • It is important that your seat is ergonomically supported. An ergonomic seat will encourage even weight distribution and proper alignment. This allows for extended periods of seating comfortable, very important for those work days!
    Doctor Recommended Products: The ObusForme Seat, AirFlow Seat Cushion, The ObusForme Gel Seat, CustomAIR Seat Cushion, or The Sit-Back Cushion
  • A body pillow is a great tool to use if you wish to relieve hip pain as it is versatile and multi-purpose. You can place it between your legs, under your back and a great item to bring when travelling by car.
    Doctor Recommended Products: Body Pillow