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Causes of Hip Pain

Hip Pain Causes

Hip pain tends to cause tightness down the side of legs and knee joints. Pain worsens with movement and is exaggerated with walking and running. The hip muscles are extremely important for preventing low back pain, knee pain, and even foot pain. If the hip muscles are weak and or tight it predisposes you to injury as the hip muscles are one of the largest muscles in the body that are designed to keep us balanced and stable.

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Causes of chronic hip pain

Hip Pain From Crossing Your Legs

Simply crossing your legs may lead to hip pain.

  • Crossing the legs over each other prevents you from sitting in an anatomical aligned neutral posture.  This may cause additional stress to be placed on your lumbar spine and hips which can contribute to low back pain, hip pain, knee pain and possibly mid-back pain.
  • When we cross our legs, we place our hips into an internally rotated position. This can cause the head of the femur to become pinched against the hip socket and capsule, thereby creating irritation and pain.
  • Furthermore, sitting cross legged can cause you to put pressure on the sciatic nerve in the back of knee in the crossed leg causing potential numbness and tingling to occur down your leg.  You could also irritate the bursa behind the knee causing a Baker’s cyst.
  • It is always best to sit with both feet flat on the floor maintaining a neutral spine alignment with the help an Obusforme back rest.

Hip Ache Causes Due To Improper Sitting

  • Sitting cross-legged at your desk or with weight on one hip
  • Not getting up every 20 minutes to stretch inactive limbs
  • Poor ergonomic set up and not having the feet firmly on floor with knees and hips at right angles

Sleep Related Causes of Hip Ache

  • Crossing legs over each other will cause hip tension
  • Sleeping on your side
  • Going to bed without doing exercises and stretches

Movement Related Hip Pain Causes

  • No stretching after exercise will cause muscles and tendons to tighten and reduce mobility
  • Improper lifting and bending
  • Not spending enough time on hip mobility and stability exercises
  • Poor balance

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