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Hip Conditions

Hip Conditions

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IT Band Syndrome
IT Band Syndrome is the general tenderness on the outside of the knee joint which can travel down the side of the thigh (iliotibial band) and into the leg.

Hip Inflammation
Hip Inflammation is referred to as Trochanteric Bursitis, and causes pain and stiffness on the outside of the hip, the thigh, or buttock.

  • Lying on the affected side and pressing on the outside of the hip will cause discomfort
  • Often occurs between the ages of 40 -60 years of age
  • Pain at night over the hip from increased swelling and unable to sleep on the involved side
  • Hot and swollen

Hip Strain
Hip strains are normally caused by a torn or overstretched muscle around the hip joint.

  • Stiff and achy around hip joint which can refer to the low back, knee and ankle
  • Tight hip when trying to stretch like putting on one’s socks
  • Movement may help to loosen the hip capsule