Back Pain Relief

Shiatsu For You

Shiatsu is a Japanese practice of massage and bodywork used to release negative energy and discomfort, while supporting healing and an increased sense of well being.  The word shiatsu means “finger pressure”, emphasizing the use of fingers, palms, thumbs, and even elbows to manipulate pressure points and other areas of the body to bring relief […]


Rehabilitation Through Aqua Therapy

Aqua therapy, or pool exercises, are a very effective training technique for conquering neck, back and joint pain. Training in the water creates a natural decompression of our body, allowing for [...]

Yoga: The Panacea for Pain

Fervent practitioners of yoga often say that it is much more than an activity or exercise regime; it is  a lifestyle which embraces physical, mental and spiritual wellness and balance. Although [...]

Tips on How to Manage Back Pain Throughout the Day

Creating a Balanced Lower Back Many people spend the bulk of each day with their lower back in the flexed position.  Common examples include prolonged sitting, prolonged driving, and sleeping in [...]

Sitting: It Really IS a Pain in the Neck!

Neck pain is a very common problem, second only to low back pain in its frequency in the general population.  While some of this pain is the result of chronic underlying conditions, many cases [...]

Using Movement and Exercise to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is typically associated with pain, swelling and discomfort. In order to rid ourselves of this negative feeling, we tend to take anti-inflammatories like aspirin and ibuprofen but you [...]

Guidelines for Gardening

Woman Gardening However not typically perceived as an actual physical activity, gardening can often be more physically demanding than other physical activities.  As a result, one can develop a number of [...]

Why to Avoid Prolonged Sitting

Prolonged sitting can result in many lower back problems, a negative result of sedentary jobs and lifestyles. Why Is Prolonged Sitting Bad For Your Health? When it comes to prolonged sitting, the [...]

What Is Scoliosis?

What is Scoliosis? Scoliosis is a condition that causes the spine to curve in an “S” formation.  Typically, this condition arises in adolescents while they are going through puberty. [...]

How To Prevent Workplace Injuries

  There are hundreds of work-related injuries every year.   Most of these injuries can ultimately be prevented.  The following list encompasses a number of workplace safety tips: When [...]

How To Treat a Tail Bone Injury

A tailbone injury, also referred to as a coccyx injury, is usually the result of a trauma, fall, or degenerative changes to the buttocks region. In women a coccyx injury can also result from [...]

Managing & Treating Pain

Manage Pain By Fixing the Problem When we are experiencing pain, whether it is a headache or a hangnail, many of us don’t think twice about reaching into the cupboard for a Tylenol or an Advil. [...]

The Fringe Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Here’s an example of the fringe benefits of chiropractic care: Jane visits her chiropractor complaining of chronic pain in her mid-back, between her shoulder blades. She has a stressful job, [...]

Pregnancy Back Pain Advice

COUPON CODE: BACKREST10 – Use this coupon when shopping and receive $10 off any Back Support Lower back pain is quite common during pregnancy. The following [...]

Choosing A Shoe That Won’t Cause Pain

  No research to date has shown which shoe is the best shoe to wear to prevent injuries. However, the common sense approach to one’s health and well-being is to try to be as natural as [...]

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Chronic Pain and Nausea

 The Correlation between Nausea and Chronic Pain Chronic neck and back pain can trigger nausea because chronic pain causes a bombardment of pain signals to our brain.  With this increased firing [...]

Tips To Prevent Back Pain From Gardening

Gardening Back Pain Is A Common Condition Although gardening is not necessarily thought of as an exercise, in reality it is physical work and should be treated as such.  This means that prior to [...]