Back Exercise

Prevent Back Pain & Improve Posture

Man with Back Pain
As described by the Mayo Clinic, there are three main concerns when it comes to back pain. They are force, repetitive motion, and poor posture.  In their discussion of how to prevent back pain, the first two suggestions are regular physical activity and correct posture. Let’s take a closer look at these important tips. Exercise […]


At-Home Back Pain Tips

Tips For Back Pain Treatment At Home COUPON CODE: BACKREST10 – Use this coupon when shopping and receive $10 off any Back Support One of the best ways to treat back pain at [...]

Using a Balance Disk

Balance disk Balancing products can be used to rehabilitate injuries such as ankle sprains, knee, hip, back and even neck strains and strains. When tissues become injured they become less responsive as a [...]

How to Reduce Anxiety and Its Effect on Back Pain

Anxiety and back pain Anxiety isn't just a mental health problem. It's a disorder with numerous physical symptoms as well. A common symptom – especially as you age – is back pain. Many people suffering from anxiety [...]

Back Pain and Exercise

There are easy and accessible ways to keep your spine healthy. The key is to be strong, stay limber and stand tall. The focus must be on establishing and maintaining a strong core. The core [...]