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Preventing Injuries Among Women Golfers

         In the last 60 years, women have cemented their place as serious contenders in the traditionally male-centric game of Golf, archaically referred to as the Gentleman’s Game.  Names such as Didrikson, Lopez, Sorenstam and Seri ring mental bells just as often as Hogan, Palmer, Nicklaus, and Woods.  Over the decades, these […]


Avoiding Golf Injuries For Beginners

A walk in the golf course The weather’s nice out, the sun’s come out after a long cold winter, the grass smells fresh and you think “why don’t I take up some golf!” It’s the perfect way to get [...]

Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis occurs when the Achilles tendon (of which connects the calf muscles to the heel) becomes inflamed and/or irritated upon overuse.  Symptoms can range from a mild ache to severe [...]

Get Up & Stand – Sitting Will Cut Your Life Short!

sitting pain Sitting has become one of the worst addictive habits in our society.  Sitting has health consequences that are similar to that of smoking, drinking, and poor nutritional habits.  As most jobs [...]

Saving Your Back On Your Next Camping Trip

camping During the summer, camping is a favourite activity amongst families.  It is a phenomenal time to de-stress and enjoy nature in its purest form.  It is also a great time to step away from work and [...]

Water – A Great Tool for Therapy!

water therapy Water is one of the best recovery tools we have to help heal our bodies by increasing circulation to the periphery, promoting muscle relaxation, applying resistance for strength training of our [...]

Creating a Proper Ergonomic Office Workstation

Ergonomic Workstation A correct ergonomic computer workstation can help alleviate neck and shoulder/arm symptoms associated with prolonged sitting/computer usage.  It is widely accepted that productivity increases [...]

Walking as medicine

Walking as medicine I often get asked by my patients, “What’s the best form of exercise?” There is a misconception in thinking that there is a magic form of exercise or exercise machine that can [...]

Getting the Wheels Turning – Cycling this Summer

cycling safety Now that warm weather is officially here, it calls for all cyclists to grab their gear and get ready for the upcoming cycling season! Before you start out on the road, here are a few tips for a [...]

The Benefits of Massage for Health & Wellness

Man giving Woman Massage for Health and Wellness Massage was once thought to be the realm of the rich and pampered. Today, the many health benefits of massage are becoming increasingly well known, showing it to be a valuable treatment for [...]

Shiatsu For You

massage Shiatsu is a Japanese practice of massage and bodywork used to release negative energy and discomfort, while supporting healing and an increased sense of well being.  The word shiatsu means [...]

Prevent Back Pain & Improve Posture

Man with Back Pain As described by the Mayo Clinic, there are three main concerns when it comes to back pain. They are force, repetitive motion, and poor posture.  In their discussion of how to prevent back pain, [...]

Improve Comfort While Sitting

Woman with Back Pain Benefits From Comfort While Sitting Tips You can improve your comfort while sitting with the ObusForme Lowback Backrest Support. Unlike ordinary “L”-shaped chairs, the “S”-shape of the Obus Forme Backrest [...]

The Effects of Alcohol on Your Body

the effects of alcohol Alcohol impairs the body’s natural healing response, and therefore it can be considered a drug.  On a daily basis, we cause micro trauma to our tissues through repetitive strain and stress. Our [...]

How Does Your Posture Affect Your Heart Health?

posture Our bodies were created with a spinal alignment that has three main curvatures: the neck, thoracic spine/ mid-back and the lower back. Maintaining these three natural curves allows for good [...]

An Introduction to Stretching with a Partner

partner stretching What better way to combat the winter blues, along with neck and back pain, than by stretching.  Stretching by yourself is great, but partner-assisted stretching can be a better way to enhance [...]

Moving Tips

moving Changing residences can prove to be a very physically demanding process.  Numerous musculoskeletal problems can result from this process, most notably lower back injuries.  The following [...]