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By Dr. Sender Deutsch
Published on May 31, 2013


Back pain and sleep.Sleep is a very important part of preventing neck and back pain.  Quality deep sleep allows our bodies to recover and regenerate muscle tissues that have been working hard throughout the day. As well, when we sleep our body releases hormones that promote healing and tissue growth and homeostasis throughout the body.

Research recommends sleeping 7 to 8 hours a day. In order to get a good night’s sleep without waking up with neck and back pain, make sure you have a quality mattress and pillow to keep your spine in proper postural alignment.

Back Pain & Sleep – Pillow Tips:

Regardless of whether or not you have back pain, the best pillow is one that is contoured or a water pillow that will contour to your neck.  It is very important to maintain proper spinal alignment at all times while sleeping to prevent neck pain from occurring.  If you prefer a firm pillow then the ObusForme contour line will be excellent for you to choose from, with many options available.  If you prefer a softer pillow, than the water pillow may be best for you as it is more like a traditional pillow in terms of shape.  The pressure of your head will force the water to fill the gap between your head and neck while you lie down. Supporting the space between your head and neck is a must to ensure that your neck does not go into extension and rotation causing spinal and joint compression.  This can lead to a kinked neck and inflammation of the nerve roots.

Mattress Tips:

With respect to mattresses it is always best to get a firm mattress that is suitable to your comfort level.  A firm mattress will prevent dips and sagging of your spine.  However, comfort level is important as you want to be able to have a sound sleep. A restful sleep is essential as this is when your body heals and regenerates.

It is imperative to replace your mattress and box spring every 5 years as mattresses are exposed to wear and tear, dust mites and body heat that cause the mattresses supportive structure to breakdown. When getting a new mattress look for one that is supportive and makes you feel comfortable. Sleep in the middle of the mattress for the first two weeks.  Turn the mattress every two weeks for the first month and then every season to enhance the longevity.

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